Karis Lee, LPC

Karis Lee, LPC is called to walk with people, taking her gifts of empathy, warmth, and connection into every session. 

In recognizing the brokenness of this world, Karis made the decision to become a counselor with the desire to be a part of God’s healing work, pointing people to the God who is pained with us and accepts us for who we are. 

Typically working with young adults and women, Karis commonly meets with clients facing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, spiritual issues, low self-esteem, life transitions, and navigating career aspirations. Being Asian American herself, Karis also has a big heart for the Asian American community and the unique experiences of this minority group.

Jesus’ compassion during his ministry is Karis’ inspiration. She has a heart to make people feel seen, heard, valued, and unconditionally loved just as Christ did. She believes that with this foundation, growth, change, and healing are fostered. 

Karis finds that people are so much more resilient than we realize, and is encouraged as she gets to witness God’s healing work in the lives of her clients. She dives deeply into people’s experiences and beliefs, uncovering distorted beliefs and unprocessed emotions that can hinder us from living in the freedom of who we are in Christ. Karis believes counseling is a partnership between counselor and client and is committed to walking with her clients and taking on difficult issues together.  

In joining Steeple, Karis feels the freedom to combine her clinical work with her faith as the foundation–she can be her authentic self, while also being trained and supported by fellow Christian counselors.

 A graduate of Eastern Illinois University, Karis earned her Masters of School Counseling and Higher Education and a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.