Oliver Robinson, LPC

Oliver Robinson has a passion for people at the distinct intersection of theology and psychology—where true healing and wholeness come forth in flawed and broken people. He loves seeing the way Jesus is able to heal people with truth, and Oliver sees God’s truths contained within modern psychology. 

Originally pursuing a vocation as a senior pastor, it was after nearly a decade of church ministry that Oliver felt called to be a counselor. There were undeniable aspects of pastoral ministry which Oliver still cherished, however, and he knew he could continue these loves in the field of counseling: One-on-one relationships, seeing people experience healing, and teaching others. 

Typical clients of Oliver’s are those in ministry–be it pastors, ministry leaders, or those who have experienced church hurt or broken ministry experiences. And, in a world where culture can be so oppressive for traditional masculinity, Oliver also feels called to work with young men. Oliver would like to work with people struggling with personality disorders, co-dependence, depression or anxiety as well.

Oliver particularly loves the opportunity to journey with someone through a longer term relationship–a place where people are free from performance and are free to be at their best or their worst. 

As is the case when one follows his true calling, Oliver finds counseling others lifegiving as he partakes in seeing breakthroughs—bearing witness to people’s victories. Part of the real joy is seeing clients overcome by finding resolution, and learning things about themselves through the change in small, beautiful, God-filled moments. 

One of the main draws in working at Steeple is being able to work in a counseling setting where the treasures and insights of counseling are held out as an open door for the church and pastors—warmly, tactfully, but also boldly and unashamedly. Oliver has also sensed the need for Christians to gain ground for the kingdom in the realm of psychology instead of shying away, and is excited to pursue this during his internship. 

Oliver completed his studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL in 2024 to earn his Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. Being British and international, clients may quickly notice Oliver’s accent during their counseling sessions. Oliver holds a Master of Applied Theology degree from The University of Oxford, a Master’s in Abrahamic Religions from the University of London, and a Bachelor’s in Theology from The University of London.