Child + Adolescent

At Steeple Counseling, we recognize parents and guardians as the most important persons in a child’s life and as such we know it is imperative to work in close partnership to tackle whatever issues may come.  We recognize the difficulties of raising children in a modern world with the increasing challenges of technology, social media, and negative influences at our very fingertips. Child and Adolescent Therapy (CAT) addresses mental health issues affecting the functioning and overall wellbeing of persons under the age of 18.

Sessions with a child or an adolescent will focus heavily on developing trust and working help increase emotional understanding.  Games, crafts, drawing, and other activities are common and very helpful techniques to aid in the therapeutic process.

Common issues addressed in CAT:

Alcohol abuse
Blended family issues
Coping with divorce of parents
Drug abuse
Mood disregulation
Parenting Issues
Social Anxiety
Social withdrawal