Krista Sanchez, LPC

Krista Sanchez, LPC believes the counseling experience can be completely transformative, powerful and healing—especially for people who may not even realize there is something from which they need to be healed.

By creating an environment and a relationship with her clients where people are heard and truly known, Krista helps clients slow down to accept both their experiences and reactions in order to come to a place of true hope in the midst of tough circumstances or suffering.

Krista often works with adults or younger clients on issues like anxiety, self-image and self-esteem. Another area of interest is helping people through spiritual issues, church abuse, complex church relationships, or those who are wrestling with their view of God. Krista wants to help those clients break down their experiences with the goal of rebuilding and reconstructing. Similarly, Krista is also passionate about helping people navigate issues like multicultural relationships and racial or cultural identity.

In addition to these, Krista has a particular heart and readiness to help with women who experience maternal hardships like infertility, pregnancy loss (miscarriage), infant loss, stillbirths, termination for medical reasons (TFMR), post-partum depression and post-partum anxiety.

Clients will find a balanced approach through Krista’s style that is rich in empathy and gentleness, yet clear and direct when it’s time to be challenged. Krista is a continuous learner, willing to push back on cultural norms, and loves to see beauty come from ashes through the work that Christ alone can do; she is anchored in the truth that God is ever-present and never abandons us.

Krista earned her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from North Park University in Chicago, IL and studied Biblical Studies with a Music Emphasis at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for her undergraduate degree. Having been classically trained in vocal performance, Krista also loves worship through music. Over the years, Krista has also worked with youth groups and elementary Sunday School groups by preparing lessons, shepherding, and planning events for students. Krista and her husband are members of Wheaton Bible Church in West Chicago, IL.