Pamela Roble, ATR, LCPC

For Pam Roble, ATR, LCPC, the call to counseling is a culmination of her creative strengths and a deep desire for her life to be purposeful. Pam is not only wired and gifted to help others, but to meaningfully use art to connect those people to greater joy. She sees how God has pulled so much of her own life together, combining her God-given creative, empathetic nature and years of experience as a therapist to come alongside others.

In her counsel, Pam looks at the strengths of a person and sees how there are many aspects to each individual—she knows everyone is so much more than a diagnosis, and wants to help clients cope with life’s challenges while also helping develop the other parts of a person.

One of Pam’s goals in a private counseling practice is continuing to be an art therapist the way she most enjoys it—without limitations. In addition to talk therapy, Pam often uses art therapy techniques, knowing the creative process in and of itself is deeply impactful, and yet, always the client’s choice.  Pam takes an approach to counseling that allows a client a variety of ways to express his or her thoughts and feelings, and to see themselves through their own art.

Pam loves to work with people who want to be here—people who are willing to come, and who are willing to take risks. Most commonly, Pam works with individuals like children, teenagers and women, ranging in issues such as life changes, people going through different stages of life, addictions or trauma. As things in our life come up, Pam often asks: “How are we going to cope?” For the women she works with, some additional issues Pam focuses on often include women facing medical issues, single parenting, or the challenges of living and being a faithful Christian while facing the emotional depths of trials.

Here at Steeple, Pam waits on the Lord expectantly to see how He is going to use her talents to spread the love of God as he works through her to help other people. 

Prior to working at Steeple, Pam’s vast experience has been honed and shaped over the years by working at a hospital in an in-patient psychiatry setting, her time in outpatient therapy in the Elmhurst area, and most recently, teaching art to children ages K-12 at a Therapeutic Day School. Pam earned her Master’s in Art Therapy at the University of Illinois—Chicago and also holds a Master’s in Elementary Education from Roosevelt University. 

Pam worships at The Orchard—Barrington church, loves her dog, Ollie, and is active in her Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class. Having a self-proclaimed “restless spirit,” Pam is an avid goal setter so that she is constantly growing and staying productive in the Lord.